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Independent Touring - Depart Any Day - Save 25%

Most tours offered by Great Trains of Europe Tours are also available as independent (unescorted) tours.

There are a few differences between an escorted tour and an independent, “Depart Any Day” tour:

  1. You don’t have a Tour Director, rather you use local tour guides or the detailed sightseeing notes provided;
  2. You do not have your luggage transported on ahead from hotel to hotel, rather you take care of it yourself;
  3. The Solo Traveller Supplement offer does not apply; and…
  4. You do not have any evening meals included.

However, the Independent Touring advantages are:

  1. You save 25% on the advertised escorted tour cost;
  2. You can start your tour any day of the year; and…
  3. You may cut and paste. For example you may choose the last 6 days of the Swiss Mountain Rails Tour followed by the first 4 days of the Winter Wonderland Tour. Ask for a costing.

Depart Any Day - with a minimum of 1 person - is available on:

Depart Any Day - with a minimum of 4 persons travelling together - is available on:

Individual Tour Itinerary? 
With more than 30 year’s experience in introducing people to Europe, we are uniquely placed to help you arrange an individual itinerary, providing rail travel & accommodations.

Your request might be as simple as “the first 12 days of the Off the Beaten Path Tour, but in April rather than in September” or as complex as “three weeks in February through the great opera houses of Europe with opera bookings in each city.”

Recent examples of individual itinerary requests include:

  • A family of three from London to Paris on Eurostar, 3 nights in a 4 star boutique Left Bank hotel in Paris, the high speed TGV to Grindelwald in Switzerland for a 4 day White Christmas, a Glacier Express day, Cisalpino train on to Venice for New Year in a Grand Canal-front hotel, then on to Rome.
  • A 3 week family visit to Italy and Switzerland by train, staying in small villages, but also must visit Pompei, Florence and the Bordeaux vineyards.
  • All these customers are now friends and have requested assistance in planning their next European holidays.

With your tailored European tour requirements